Plant Maintenance Welders

Course Desciption

This maintenance welding seminar includes discussions on welding skills improvement and is specifically designed for welding technicians and other personnel working in industrial plants, construction, manufacturing, metalworking and fabrication shops, and other similar facilities or applications. This seminar will focus on welding principles before spending the most time on welding on various types of metal. As always, safety is a big part of our seminar curriculum. Overall, this maintenance-training program is designed to teach students how to produce smooth, strong, quality welds while establishing a culture of safe work practices among employees.

Fundamentals and basics come first in this maintenance-welding seminar. Day One explores techniques, principles, concepts, metallurgy, and welding symbols and drawings. We will get into the heart of this seminar discussing welding on various types of metal: steel, alloys, stainless steel and cast iron.

Day Two builds on the concepts learned on day one. We will continue discussions on welding on different types of metal focusing on copper and copper alloys. We will examine the cutting process before studying perhaps the most important aspect of all – safety.

Course Length: 8 weeks

Course Hours: 320

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