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How to Advance Your Welding Career

As job demand for welders continues to grow and more welders enter the workforce, it is well-advised to start focusing on how to further your welding career. One of the keys to welding career advancement is to continue to build upon your education and work experience. As manufacturing systems become more technologically advanced the field of welding continues to change and evolve, you must change and evolve with it.

Continued Education

It’s possible to find a job as a welder without basic training and certifications, but your opportunities are very limited without a solid education. Core welding processes like TIG, MIG, and SMAW can equip you with the skills used in a range of industries including structural welding, pipe welding, aircraft welding, and several others. Many applicants lack the right skills. Stand out from the rest and hone your skills as best you can. 

There are formalized welding industry certifications that can help advance your career. The American Welding Society’s (AWS) Certified Welder program proves to potential employers that you have specific knowledge and skills and have passed tests on AWS Standard Welding Procedures. These are standard specifications across the industry as well as non-code welding specifications created by individual companies. 

In addition to the AWS Certified Welder program, there are nine other welding certifications available to earn such as Certified Radiographic Interpreter, Certified Welding Inspector, and Certified Welding Educator. If you are interested in leadership and higher-level job opportunities, there are specialized certifications that will increase your potential opportunities.

There are also other certifying organizations – The American Petroleum Institute for certifications applicable to working on gas and oil pipelines and The American Society of Mechanical Engineers which covers codes for pressure vessels and welding boilers.

Professional Welding Trade Associations

Join a professional welding organization. This can open up opportunities to network, learn, gain credibility, and eventually even mentor in the industry. The AWS membership offers leading industry publications, news, access to certification resources and educational programs, and opportunities to connect with other welding professionals. Association memberships also look great on your resume and show potential employers that you’re committed to your career and maintaining your skills and knowledge.

Welding Conferences and Trade Shows 

Welding trade shows are a great place to network and stay up-to-date on cutting-edge industry trends and technologies. Welding conferences can help keep your education current on trending topics and technologies from industry experts.

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