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Welding Job Demand Continues to Grow

In today’s world of trade vocations, welding offers a great career opportunity with the right education and preparation. As job demand for welders continues to grow, Advanced Welding School (AWS) is focused on solidly preparing students to enter the marketplace quickly. Our unique learning environment teaches the same workplace values that are found in all fabrication facilities. We focus on teaching our students how to obtain a job and to keep a job. The AWS program format trains certified welders to transition directly into the growing workforce and start earning money immediately.

Outlook for Welding Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the job outlook for welders, braziers, and solderers is rising at 6%, “as fast as average.” Welding is currently said to be one of the fastest-growing professions in the US. Reportedly, benefits are good, starting pay is above-average, and the future appears bright for those in the field of welding.  

What Drives Growth?

A critical role in the manufacturing process, welders are in great demand in the growing manufacturing industry. One strong advantage for certified welders is that their training can be applied to many different industries, making it relatively easy to change jobs from one industry to another. For example, it is a fairly smooth transition for a welder in the automotive manufacturing field to find work in the shipbuilding industry. Welders, braziers, and solderers are also in demand to build missiles and aircraft for the U.S. military as well as working to rebuild the nation’s aging infrastructure of highways, bridges, and buildings.

Welding Technologies in High Demand

The BLS also reports that welders being trained in the latest welding technology, devices, and techniques will benefit from higher pay and greater job security. Welders who do not pursue the latest training in equipment and technologies will not be in as great demand. The growing demand for welders covers a wide breadth of industries, including mining, agriculture, transportation, construction, plant maintenance, and the fast-growing sector – the shale gas sector.

Welder Compensation

According to the BLS, and what welders earn, a median wage of $41,380 per year was reported as of 2018. Welders employed in the automobile industry earn wages slightly higher than the mean, and those working in the ship and boat building industry and the aerospace product manufacturing industry are just slightly above the mean.

Advanced Welding School, located in Walker, LA, prepares students with exceptional training and a solid probability of finding employment post-training. Upon completing our specialized, fast-track curriculum, offered only by Advanced Welding School, all graduates will be American Welding Society-tested and will become Certified Welders. Visit our website for more information or call (225) 667-9797.