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Why Becoming a Welder is a Great Career Choice

There are many different careers you can choose from, and many people forget about trade jobs. If you don’t think a traditional 4-year college program will work for you, going into the trades can be a great way to learn applicable skills that will help you get hired faster and further your career. Here are a few reasons to consider going into the trades and becoming a welder.

Decent Wages

Many trade jobs offer decent wages and will pay you even while you’re still learning. While your salary will depend on what trade you go into and what part of the country you’re working in, wages can average out around $55,000 a year. You can earn even more when you gain more experience, and if you’re training to become a more specialized trade worker, you can expect to earn even more after that training is completed.

Job Variety

There are many different trade jobs to choose from, and welding is a great option. There are many different skills a welder learns that are in demand and can be transferred over to other jobs and positions across different industries. The different jobs you work on can also mean that each assignment and place you work will be different, giving you a sense of variety in your professional life.

High Demand

There’s a serious demand for trade workers right now. Many high school students have been steered towards going to a university to get a bachelors degree, leaving many to completely forget that there are other options for them out there. According to the Associated General Contractors of America, 70% of contractors are having trouble finding qualified workers to fill jobs. Industry demand continues to grow, and with politicians pushing the importance of improved infrastructure, those jobs will need to be filled.

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If becoming a welder sounds like a great opportunity, and seems like it would fit your lifestyle, give us a call today at 225-667-9797, or visit our website to set up a consultation.