We provide a unique course format that equips you with the experience and certification necessary to get a welding job making an average salary of $64,480 in Louisiana.

ATTENTION: We are now accepting applications from veterans who have received GI Bill Benefits for their military service.  Advanced Welding School also offers all service members an additional 10% discount over the already discounted multi-course options that we offer. 

For more details visit: U.S Department of Veterans Affairs



Advanced Welding School’s unique learning environment will teach workplace values exactly the same as found in all fabrication facilities that employ welders. We will focus on teaching you how to obtain a job and keep it for as long as you want it! AWS’ format trains certified welders that can move directly into the workplace and start earning money.


Advanced Welding School’s unique course format focuses on specific welding disciplines offering a portfolio of up to 16 course options at different levels in all of the four major disciplines. Our longest course is only 24 weeks.


AWS is the only school in our area who is owned and operated by an American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector and Certified Welding Educator. At AWS, we only employ certified teachers that have many years of welding and teaching experience.


Advanced Welding School is located in Walker, La. and specializes in equipping students with exceptional training and getting them hired– faster. Upon completing the fast-tracked curriculum only offered by AWS, graduates will be American Welding Society tested and become Certified Welders.

  • We have a 17,000 square foot facility with all brand new ESAB, four procedures, welding equipment.

  • Our program offers 16 different welding classes and several classroom American Welding Society Certification programs.

  • Our instructors are highly qualified and multi-certified.

  • We are an American Welding Society accredited teaching facility and testing laboratory, which provides hands on weld testing under American Welding Society codes.