The majority of students who attend Advanced Welding School receive some type of financial aid or assistance.  Our team is here to help you navigate your choices and some of the options available to you are listed below.


There are many scholarships available to current and prospective welding students with varying requirements for eligibility including leadership and/or service in your community, financial need, special interests and much more. 

For information on some of the welding specific scholarships available through the American Welding Society visit: AWS Scholarships Page

Personal Loans

Personal loans are offered from a variety of lenders and offer a variety of repayment terms for individuals needing to borrow. 

These loans come from financial institutes such as banks and credit unions, with interest rates based off of the lender and your credit history.  In some instances if you do not quality for this type of loan, a cosigner can be utilized.

For more information about personal loans visit: Personal Loan Info


Advanced Welding School is now offering an Income Share Agreement to our students.

Our ISA is a way to study now and pay your tuition after graduation.


  • Pay your $1,000 deposit upfront.
  • After graduation, pay 15% of total pre-tax income for 72 monthly payments, only when you’re earning $2,500/month or more. 
  • The total amount you pay will be based on your income, you won’t pay more than $48,560 (1.6 times $30,350, the amount of tuition you defer).


Meritize student loans are a financing option that takes some of the focus of off credit scores and takes past academic success, military history and work history into account.

For more information on Meritize visit: Meritize Student Loans


Some students bypass financing and financial assistance altogether and pay for their tuition through personal savings whether it is their own or family members willing to help.

Financing Comparison

The below chart represents some of the most common financing options our students take and estimates of their repayment terms to give you a better picture of your options.  Please note that these are estimates for illustrative purposes only and each options varies based on many factors.